Cardfight!! Vanguard 30 day challenge day 12 deck and clan: I do own a deck and it is a gold paladin liberator of the round table Alfred and it is the only complete deck I own lol. I’ve got 2 work in progress decks as of right now. One being a eradicator gauntlet buster deck and the other is a raging form revenger deck for my brother but the gold paladins will always be my competing deck, til Alfred XIV arrives in English >:D




Detox has done it again.

If we’re going to quote the old testament I want you to go read that shit again and tell me it’s not the most fucked up garbage you’ve ever read, let’s talk about that shit

Leviticus 10:1- if you let your hair get messy, you get fucking killed Deuteronomy 22:28-29- if you rape a woman, you can buy her from her father for fifty shekels and she has to marry you Judges 19:24- something about offering your daughter up to be raped by a town full of people That’s all for today, don’t let people quote the Old Testament without telling you some of the other things